Improving the quality of pharmaceutical services

  • Hazel Bradley SAAHIP
  • Sue Putter SAAHIP
  • Yasmina Johnson SAAHIP
  • Margaret Von Zeil SAAHIP


This year, the SAAHIP Conference workshop focused on improving the quality of pharmaceutical services. This should be an aspiration of all SAAHIP pharmacists, and is equally applicable in the varied areas in which SAAHIP members work. This includes pharmacists who work in the public and private sectors, in tertiary and district hospitals, community health centres, and primary care clinics, as well as in management and policy-making settings. Improving the quality of health care is the central purpose of the Department of Health’s initiative to introduce National Core Standards for Health Establishments in South Africa.1,2 The National Core Standards correspond with the National Department of Health’s strategic plan for 2009/2012, and the 10-Point Plan of 2009-2014, which highlight “improving the quality of health services” and “the establishment of a quality management and accreditation body” respectively.1