Patient counselling and medicine information … just how far do you go?

  • Gary S Black PSSA


Pharmacists know that medicine is not an ordinary commodity of trade and are aware of the importance of their own professional advice in assuring adherence to treatment. This fact is often used to promote the role of the pharmacist in public campaigns, using slogans such as: “Have you asked your pharmacist?” In the face of the ethical and legal requirements needed to counsel patients effectively and the new legislation, such as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the question arises: “How much counselling and information, how often, in what format, and for how long?” In summary, this article serves to remind pharmacists of their professional and ethical obligations in fulfilling their legal duty of pharmaceutical care in order to provide accurate and understandable patient information when supplying medicines.

Author Biography

Gary S Black, PSSA
Dip.Pharm, FPS
Practice Matters