What is the recommended treatment approach to psoriasis?

  • Sonal Patel
Keywords: psoriasis, treatment, immune-mediated disease, quality of life


Psoriasis is a chronic, relapsing, immune-mediated disease that can have a profound negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Five different types of psoriasis have been characterised according to their clinical features. A working group sanctioned by the Dermatology Society of South Africa engaged in discussions which resulted in the development of guidelines for the diagnosis and management of psoriasis in the South African context. Healthcare professionals can use these recommended guidelines to promote a strategic evidence-based approach when treating patients with psoriasis to ensure optimal treatment outcomes. Topical agents are the mainstay of treatment in mild psoriasis, and phototherapy and systemic agents should be considered if the treatment is ineffective or the severity of the psoriasis heightened.

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Sonal Patel
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