Organisational Flexibility in South African Pharmacy – Learning a few things from Down Under, Up North and Across the Pond

  • Sarel Malan PSSA


Life expectancy in South Africa, as in the world, is increasing and it is well known and generally accepted that older people put more pressure on the healthcare system and spend significantly more on healthcare than adolescents and adults. Add to this the triple burden of disease and significant increase in non-communicable disease with aging, and the increased expectations and pressure on a limited healthcare system is clear. Cost effective and efficient healthcare services are thus critical. From various studies and publications it has become evident that how patients follow prescriptions and adhere to treatment is at least as important for the outcome as the appropriate diagnosis and therapy. This is then also the reason why many countries have turned towards pharmacy for a more active role in health outcomes than the basic distribution or dispensing of medicine.

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Sarel Malan, PSSA
President PSSA
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