Podcasting as a tool to deliver lectures at higher education pharmacy schools.

  • Neelaveni Padayachee University of Witwatersrand
Keywords: Podcasting, Technology, academic pharmacy


In response to “flipping the classroom” comments in the November/December edition, my thoughts were immediately drawn to e-learning. In a tumultuous and dynamic era in higher education where #FEESMUSTFALL has taken center stage, the use of innovative teaching methods is essential. In an era of technology innovation, the use of technology, like podcasting or vodcasting, has become a vital tool when students are unable to attend lectures. Podcasting involves delivering a lecture by recording one’s voice or using a PowerPoint with a voice over. It is easy to use and cost-effective to produce.

Author Biography

Neelaveni Padayachee, University of Witwatersrand
BSc, MPharm Lecturer Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy division University of the Witwatersrand
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