Establishment of an antimicrobial stewardship committee at Ermelo Hospital

  • Kevin Helena Ermelo Hospital


The increase in antibiotic resistance is undeniable, undiscriminating and a real threat to humanity. Health care institutions have a responsibility to protect and monitor the use of those antibiotics that are currently available. This has become evident through the nation-wide advocacy of antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) projects by the National Department of Health (NDoH). In 2014 the NDoH released a National Strategic Framework outlining strategies to combat the increase in antibiotic resistance. The establishment of AMS committees was listed as a high priority and all levels of management were encouraged to engage with their implementation. Recently the NDoH released a practical guide on AMS, summarising the various responsibilities and expectations of all stakeholders, from national down to hospital level. The AMS guide requires a multidisciplinary approach. This is a challenging approach in the public sector, as it requires commitment and persistence from various disciplines to succeed. Ermelo Hospital set out to establish an AMS committee according to this guideline, in order to fulfil this crucial mandate.

Author Biography

Kevin Helena, Ermelo Hospital
Pharmacist Ermelo Hospital Mpumalanga