Community service pharmacists’ experiences during the 2017 application cycle

  • Refiloe Mogale SAAHIP


Compulsory community service in South Africa was implemented to attract human resources to the public health sector as well as to overcome the maldistribution of personnel between private and public sector, urban and rural areas and between provinces (Health, 2004). It was implemented in 1998 for medical practitioners and expanded for all graduates in the medical and allied health fields in 2003. This community service initiative has however been fraught with many challenges such as delays due to administrative bungling, placement process, availability of posts, infrastructure, supervision and management deficiencies in the public health system. The purpose of this survey was to understand current community service pharmacists’ (CSPs) experiences and challenges in the process of applying for a CSP position in South Africa as experienced during the 2017 application cycle. The outcome of this survey will enable the South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists (SAAHIP) to engage with the National Department of Health (NDoH) and to suggest improvements to the process.

Author Biography

Refiloe Mogale, SAAHIP
President SAAHIP