Engaged learners breed engaged pharmacists?

  • Kim Ward


The World Health Organisation characterises “teacher” as one of the seven (recently updated to eight) star roles of a pharmacist and as such, though this role predominates in academia, it should be part of the make-up of every pharmacist irrespective of their sector of practice (WHO 1997). In the hierarchical structures of society, teachers occupy positions of influence, and again, every pharmacist (including but not restricted to registered tutors) should give thought to the personal philosophy that undergirds their teacher-learner exchanges. I, for one, am generally driven to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential in life and in my role as a full-time academic, my teaching philosophy is to inspire young minds to develop a sustained appetite and love for learning but with a guiding passion to serve individuals and various communities.

Author Biography

Kim Ward
Cum Laude