A piece of my mind

  • Lorraine Osman


I love Pharmacy Month. I love seeing pharmacists reaching out to their communities and making a huge impact on people’s lives. Yes, I do know that this is part of everyday life, so what is the difference? To me, as an interested observer, it’s that it is only during or after Pharmacy Month that many pharmacists share what they  have done with their peers. It’s exciting to say, “This is what I did”, and receive positive responses from others. Social media has taught us that a simple “like” can lift our mood, and a “love” can make us happy. This is equally true in real life, but how often do we go to someone and say, “You’re doing great work”? As a pharmacist, when last did someone say that to you? And as a pharmacist, when last did you say it to someone else? Just asking.