My experience as a pharmacist intern

  • Mawande Golozana Wits Health Consortium


The internship year is not solely an exit stage from university but also an imperative juncture for joining the work environment after completing your four year degree. It is a leap towards the professional world and a new beginning to learn and develop new skills. Initially, it might appear as a state of anxiety as you are no longer a student but an employee who works day and night to earn a living but gradually you get used to this new life. Being positive and considering every event that came up as a lesson and my mistakes as a new learning opportunity elated and inspired me to keep working in my internship year. I completed my degree in 2016 and was exhilarated by the thought of getting over with my studies and working as an employee.

Author Biography

Mawande Golozana, Wits Health Consortium

Nelson Mandela Academic Clinical Research Unit, a division Wits Health Consortium, South Africa

Open Forum/Opinion Paper