Pharmacy reflections: international advanced pharmacy practice experience

  • S M Bishop


The skills and experience gained from traveling abroad can provide invaluable personal growth, as well as advancement in the professional world. Each trip offers unique benefits and encourages travellers to broaden their outlook and work with diverse cultures and populations. As a fourth-year pharmacy student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) School of Pharmacy, I had the unique opportunity to complete an international clerkship in Cape Town, South Africa. I believe my global health experience provided many learning opportunities that everyone can benefit – from a student preparing to study abroad, a preceptor teaching an international student or international advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE), or just someone who enjoys traveling. I provided thoughts from the student perspective, and asked my previous preceptors, Professor Karen Kopacek and Professor Renier Coetzee, for input as well. 

Cum Laude