Chicken or beef?

  • Shawn Zeelie SAAHIP


In life, one is always faced with decisions. When you decide to go and have dinner with your family, you are provided with a wide variety of choices. First you have to decide where you will be going to have dinner, will it be going to a restaurant or having dinner at home? Then the decision becomes even more complex, you have to decide what will be on the menu? As with all decisions, you will have to take responsibility for your choice. You might be faced with a three-way split. Either you are happy with the decision you made, or you might have some regrets but also a sense of satisfaction, or you might totally regret your decision. In the end, regardless of how you feel about your decision, you will have to face the consequences with your choice.

Author Biography

Shawn Zeelie, SAAHIP

President: SAAHIP