A piece of my mind

  • Lorraine Osman


For people working in a pharmacy, in any sector, the past 9 months have had an illusion of some familiarity –you get up and go to work for five or six days a week, then you go home again. Of course, what made it unfamiliar for some was the need to work in shifts – one week on, one week off. It sounds great – a full week off – but in reality, it was completely exhausting. You were expected to double the amount of work because half the staff weren’t there. 

For people working from home, in some ways it has become a nightmare – it’s been easy to forget which day of the week, and sometimes even what time of day, it is. The working week may extend over seven days, and the working day may become six hours longer, with people being more available than ever before, thanks to digital communication.

Are things returning to “normal”? What’s that?

Editorial Comment