PSSA Young Pharmacist's Group: Antimicrobial stewardship toolkits: A valuable resource for a pharmacist to assess, improve, develop and implement an antimicrobial stewardship programme

  • Armand Algra PSSA
  • Nicole Keuler PSSA


In 2020, the world declared war against COVID-19, battling to survive a pandemic. Although there has been great progress towards the fight against COVID-19, it must be remembered that there are other health threats – for example, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) remains one of the top 10 global health threats.1 This natural phenomenon poses a significant risk to patient safety and survival.2 AMR will claim approximately 10 million people’s lives annually by the year 2050,3 and if the world does not act against this threat, we will be facing a different pandemic.

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Armand Algra, PSSA

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