COP26 and green pharmacy – ICPA position paper

  • Sham Moodley


In adopting the FIP Development Goal 21 (Sustainability in Pharmacy) ICPA has been driven to action in the three key identified areas. The first is our response to disasters and pandemics through both the COVID-19 action programme, including our COVID-19 testing of healthcare workers in 2020 and, in 2021, through the extensive COVID-19 vaccination programme provided through community pharmacy. Sustainable services introduced as part of our three-year planning cycle includes discussion with payers and Government on a fair and transparent remuneration model, development of pharmacy initiated services in both communicable and non-communicable diseases such as Pharmacist Initiated Management of Anti-retroviral Therapy (PIMART), Kamba Ya Shanga (asthma) programme, Diabetes Registry Project, Outcomes Measures and Reporting (OMR), Donor Recruitment Centre (DKMS Africa) for the fight against blood cancer and our AMR education.