National Guidelines at a glance: Community Acquired Pneumonia

  • Nadine Butler University of the Western Cape
Keywords: community acquired pneumonia


A working group of the South African Pulmonology Society and the Antibiotic Study Group of South Africa published clinical guidelines for the management of communityacquired pneumonia in adults in September 1996.1 The objective was to provide recommendations for the initial choice of antibiotic therapy for immuno-competent patients. In light of evidence regarding increasing levels of antibiotic resistance, the introduction of new antibiotics and international treatment trends, the guideline was revised and published in 2007.2 The later version also includes the management of pneumonia in immuno-compromised (HIVseropositive) patients. There are as yet no plans to revise the current guideline in the near future. 3 A separate Guideline has been published for the diagnosis and management of community-acquired pneumonia in children.4

Author Biography

Nadine Butler, University of the Western Cape
MPharm, PhD School of Pharmacy University of the Western Cape