Anticoagulation Therapy

  • Jacqueline Van Schoor Amayeza Info Centre
Keywords: Anticoagulation Therapy, haemostasis, thrombosis


Pharmacological anticoagulation is under-prescribed, leading to unacceptably high morbidity and mortality rates in medically ill patients who are bed-ridden as well as in post-operative surgical patients. The Southern African Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis has reviewed the available literature and guidelines from other societies on preventing and managing venous thromboembolism. A practical venous thromboembolism prophylactic and treatment guideline has now been produced for South African conditions. It is hoped that these guidelines will lead to improved anticoagulation practice in South Africa. This brief review article focuses on the South African guidelines but also provides an update on haemostasis, thrombosis and the role of anticoagulation therapy in venous thromboembolism.

Author Biography

Jacqueline Van Schoor, Amayeza Info Centre
MPharm (BSc Hons) Amayeza Info Centre